Differences between change management and change readiness

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The concepts of change readiness and change management are related because they both deal with change. But in what ways are they different and how should we think about each of them?Here's an analogy that will help us understand the differences. Imagine you wanted to repaint an old house. The walls are dirty and stained by grubby fingers and smokey fires.You're not going to get a good result if you put paint on these walls. It will peel off before [...]

The Meaning of Management

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The Meaning of Management What does management mean to you? What did it mean in the past and how has it changed over time? Social Change Before the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700’s, most people lived and worked in small communities. The corporations or government enterprises we are familiar with today did not exist at that time. Hence, managing people and workload was not so complicated a matter.However, industrialisation saw the establishment of many large enterprises [...]

Managing Change and Free Will

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When you’re managing change it’s obviously best if stakeholders want to follow you of their own free will, rather than being dragged into change against their will. The question is, how do you get people to want to do what they ultimately have to do? Some people may question whether people really do have free will. I am not one of them, so let’s assume they do. What is free will? But when we speak of free will, we [...]

Change Management Toolkit Benefits

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BENEFITS Based on best-practice change management processes Leverages the natural structure and flow of the change process Guides you through each step of the change process Helps you ask the right questions at each step of the process Practical Easy-to-use Scaleable Apply to any change project Copy and use the toolkit for different change projects Based on 20 years of research and development BENEFITS Based on best-practice change management processes Leverages the natural structure and flow of the change [...]

How to Predict the Future

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How useful would it be if you could predict with pinpoint accuracy what will happen in the future? Imagine you could accurately predict the performance of a coaching client over a given time period. Or suppose you could accurately predict how effective any given organisational change approach would be in the long-term. If you could make those kinds of predictions, you’d have a lot of influence over the future. But is it remotely possible? How confident can you be [...]

Are We Leading Change with the Wrong Framework?

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Think of the term ‘change management’. What framework is implicitly related to that term? Obviously, it’s the management framework. Accordingly, change management is one type of management. ‘Management’ is the broad framework and ‘change management’ is a subset of that framework. But when we talk of management or change management, what we mean is a framework shaped by research. Research into management didn’t really get going until the late 1800’s. Before that time, organisations still needed to manage change [...]

How to Create Successful Change

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In 2010, McKinsey reported the findings of a huge study involving more than 315,000 respondents. They found that 75% of organisations were experiencing change and that 70% of change initiatives were regarded as unsuccessful.Hundreds of other studies corroborate the 70% failure rate statistic. This statistic is often cited in the change management community as a reason to engage change management professionals as change leaders. But the problem is that the 70% statistic has remained stable for decades, even though change [...]

Where does change fitness coaching fit in?

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We base a lot of what we do and teach on the model shown below. You get coaching clients because they have a change project. This is the problem they want to overcome or the opportunity they want to grasp, and they want your help to get there. But there are 4 areas you both must pay attention to. Four key areas The first is the change process. Your client will only succeed if they progress successfully [...]

The Challenge of Organisational Change

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Some years ago, a yachtsman competing in the BOC challenge pulled into Sydney harbour. He and his fellow competitors were sailing solo around the world. They were competing against each other, but also against themselves. In a real sense, the challenge of the race is facing the fear of the unknown and the limits of one’s personal capacity and endurance. Notwithstanding the dangers, most sailors succeeded – not in winning the race, but in facing the challenge and [...]