Watch the video to learn about the conceptual framework underpinning the toolkit and its unique position in the change management space. Also check out its features and benefits.


  • Based on best-practice change management processes
  • Leverages the natural structure and flow of the change process
  • Guides you through each step of the change process
  • Helps you ask the right questions at each step of the process
  • Practical
  • Easy-to-use
  • Scaleable
  • Apply to any change project
  • Copy and use the toolkit for different change projects
  • Based on 20 years of research and development


  • The change management process is purposefully informed by the change process, personal change fitness, and organisational change readiness. These factors shape the change management process
  • Includes a change management dashboard to track your progress
  • A detailed electronic toolkit containing step-by-step guidelines, tips, and watch-outs
  • A comprehensive set of templates to help you manage your project
  • A printable version of all the guidelines and templates you can use on the fly
  • This is a 21st century toolkit for managing change

Get the Job Done

This innovative toolkit will help you get the job done. It blends together best-practice change management with the natural flow of the change process and the latest insights into change fitness and change readiness. Of course, you can still use your favourite tools, but this resource will make it easier to succeed at your change projects.