Why Us?

Why choose us? There are thousands of coaches and consultants, so why choose us? Because what we offer is – at least for some people – better than what others offer. Let’s consider how it’s better.

It's transformative

Building change readiness is about changing things from the inside. It’s about changing what people think, how they think and feel, and how they behave. It’s about changing how the organisation works on the inside.

It’s essential to change things on the inside so people and the organisation are ready to change things on the outside. Inner transformation is necessary to secure outer transformation.

The psychology of change readiness must inform this inner transformation. We have the academic cred and experience to guide you through this inner transformation.

It's strategic

Change readiness is about more than managing things – things that are important now but not necessary later. Change readiness is always essential.

If you expect the company to grow and adapt over time, you will always need people to be ready for change. Readiness is of strategic value – it helps you stay competitive.

It's empowering

People are not machines, and you can’t reprogram them at will. You can’t engineer change.

Change readiness empowers people because, at its core, change readiness is about capacity. It is about having the capacity to be successful when engaged in the change process. It empowers people to succeed. 

It's optimistic

Focussing on readiness is optimistic. It is positive, and the language of readiness is positive.

We hardly ever talk about resistance to change. That is unhelpful. When people are ready for change, resistance to change is low. Or even non-existant.

Build readiness, and you can forget about resistance.

It provides security

Change readiness rests firmly on serious science. Yes, it is taught in a Master of Leadership program in Australia. Yes, it works in practice and is easy and inexpensive to deploy.

But do you know where the actual security comes from?  It comes from all the things mentioned above. It comes from its ability to transform your company from within. It comes from its ability to help you strategically. It comes from the fact that it will empower your people and your organisation. And from the fact that its optimism will make a positive imprint on your culture. 

So, why choose us? Because if you value the things mentioned above, we can show you a better way to succeed.