Are we a good fit?

We understand that, when it comes to change, some people are in a hurry to get started. Maybe readiness doesn’t factor into their equation. Perhaps they just assume their organisation is ready. 

But think about it for a minute. Most organisational change doesn’t end well. According to research, most organisations in Australia are not ready for success. So, who is most likely to succeed? Organisations that are ready for success or those that aren’t?  

We exist as a company to help you get ready for success.

So, if that’s what you want too, we could be good for one another.

Change readiness is about your organisation’s capacity to succeed at changes you need to make. It is not the readiness to start a change; it is the readiness to succeed at the change.

  1. It expands the organisation’s agility and how it responds to change.
  2. It improves change outcomes and the experience of achieving those outcomes.
  3. It makes the organisation better adapted to its environment and more competitive within its environment.
  4. It heps the organisation’s people and culture to flourish.

Great. We are all ready to succeed at some change projects. These lie within the scope of our current change readiness capacities. But if we want to grow beyond our current capacities, we need more change readiness.

The first thing to understand is that change readiness is a scientific concept. It is an objective matter, not a matter of opinion. And since it is objective, it can be assessed using specialised instruments. We use these instruments for our change readiness assessments. These instruments are not available in the public domain. We have developed them in-house.

We are change readiness specialists. We have been studying and researching the topic for more than 20 years. We are qualified at the doctoral level in change readiness. We teach it at the master’s level. We know our stuff and we are good at teaching it to others.

Simply contact us. We need to get to know you and you need to feel comfortable with us. We’ll listen to your experience and make some recommendations. If you agree with them, we can get started as soon as you’re ready.

Now. Preferably before you need to change. But since change is pretty much continuous, now is the best time to start. 

Yes, we can. It is essential to address change readiness now. The reason you are having problems is due to low readiness and we need to address these errors ASAP. If you have change readiness errors, they will not go away by themselves.

You are entitled to your opinion. However, the science disagrees with you.

Embarking on changes you’re not ready to succeed at is a waste of money. Getting ready for success is never wasteful.

We both assess and help people develop change readiness. 

Yes, mostly.

Yes, but only in the English language.