Senior Leaders

Steve Barlow

I provide professional development training and resources for coaches, change managers, L&D, OD, HR, and managers in the field of personal and organisational change. Specifically, my focus is on what it is that makes individuals and organisations good at handling change, how to get more of it, and how to eliminate the obstacles that inhibit it. I hold a PhD in this field.

I enjoy working with change agents in organisational contexts, enhancing their skills, building their knowledge of change, and providing resources to make them more effective. I am also a lecturer in these fields at the University of Tasmania.

If you or anyone you know would like to become more successful at change in their own life or who wants to develop their capacity to lead others through change, I can help them and would appreciate the referral.

Stephanie Barlow

Stephanie Barlow 

Stephanie is a Director of The Change Gym. She has a background in psychology, counselling, and social work and has had extensive experience working in public sector organisations, both federal and state. She has also worked in the community, not-for-profit sector, managing over 150 volunteers. Stephanie is s Certified Change Fitness Coach and an Organisational Change Readiness Consultant. Stephanie also serves as an industry expert on change at the University of Tasmania.

Therese Wales 

Therese is a Senior Change Readiness Consultant and change fitness coach. She began her career in finance before moving into HR. Therese became HR Director of Procter & Gamble, a global Fortune 100 company. During her 24 years at P&G, Therese was involved in numerous large and small scale change projects. She has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, and North America. She is now an executive coach and a trained and accredited Change Fitness Coach and Organisational Change Readiness Consultant.

Sam Tebbutt

A highly driven, resilient and autonomous professional relationship builder and communicator with a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, facilitating business and collaborating across wide ranging networks and ecosystems. I support clients contributing value through deep insight, engagement, connection, delivering commercial and customer focused outcomes.