Our Team

We are here to help you build your leadership, team, and organisation’s performance, efficiency, and long-term sustainability. Everything we offer is to support you to be the best you can be.  

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Steve Barlow

Steve is the change readiness expert with the knowledge and skills to enhance your progressive performance. With a background in psychology and education and a PhD in change readiness, Steve can help you build the progressive performance of your organisation, so you create more flow and solve problems easier. 

Steve is well-known for his contributions to change readiness and teaches it to Master of Leadership students. 


Craig Saphin

Craig specialises in professional performance, especially regarding strategy formulation and execution. With an MBA and years of experience as the CEO of a company with 1000 employees, Craig can help you build your team’s performance.  

Jonathan Riley

Jonathan specialises in building professional performance – helping leaders break through growth barriers, regain forward momentum, and continuously improve their offerings. He has helped businesses of all scales, from small operations to multi-national giants. 

With an MBA and M.Sc in management, Jonathan helps leaders take their businesses to the next level. 


Both Craig and Jonathan run their respective businesses. I include them as team members because we have worked together for years, we trust each other, and they focus on different areas of professional performance. This complements the progressive performance focus that is my area of expertise and the primary focus of The Change Gym.