The Change Gym (ABN: 94 142 055 589) is an Australian company located on the Gold Coast, Australia. We help organisations lower the risks of change and improve change outcomes. We do this by educating and equipping change leaders in measuring and building organisational change readiness and personal change fitness.We provide our services in Australia and around the world. 

The Problem

The problem is that we live in uncertain times with lots of change, and many people don’t like change and don’t handle it well. And in the business sector, around three-quarters of Australian businesses have mid to low levels of change readiness (Optus, 2015).

We are talking about low levels of capacity to succeed at the change process. If it gets hard, people disengage and resist. That leads to missed opportunities, compromised outcomes, cultural damage, and wasted resources.

That’s the problem we can help you overcome. If you encounter resistance to change, disengagement or suspicion around change, or change fatigue, you need to talk to us about how to overcome these problems.

What We Do

We are specialists in the psychology and management of change. Our expertise is in the success pattern of the change process, personal change fitness and organisational change readiness. 

We provide training, coaching, assessments, and consulting. We provide training and tools to help change leaders be more effective.

Let’s explore some strategies to help you become even more successful.