We are an Australian company operating from our headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia since 2010. 

We help organisations improve productivity by building the change fitness of lower performing employees and by improving change readiness. We service Australian and international customers. 

We can give you advice about performance and change, but we don’t want to ‘do expert things’ for you and then walk away. That might help solve an immediate problem, but it doesn’t really help you in the long-term. It doesn’t build up your own capacity to solve similar problems in the future.

What we want to do most of all is help you learn how to improve performance and become more ready to succeed at change. That will leave a legacy in your organisation that will pay dividends long after we have gone.

But, in the end, it’s what you want to do that matters most. We are here to serve your needs and interests, and we will attempt to do that to the best of our ability. We can only be successful if you, our clients, are successful and satisfied.

Things you should know

We want to deliver our clients 3 things.

High quality services

The Change Gym brings together people from very practical, hands-on backgrounds and people from academic, research-based backgrounds. This allows us to combine the best of current theory with the best in practice. This combination enables us to deliver high quality services that provide more value to our clients than what many of our competitors can deliver.

We value quality and that’s what we want to give you.

Support for your story

We have developed methodologies that allow us to scale our services and embed them into a company. This allows the company to control the process and fit it into their company culture and ways of working.

We value your story and we want our services to add value to your story, not to deflect from it.

Empowerment for your journey

We want to educate, train, and empower our clients to be better than they were before we met them and to empower them into a better future.

We value your journey now and into the future. We want to add value to that journey and help you get where you want to go. 


We are independent from but work in association with the University of Tasmania.