About The Change Gym

The Change Gym is not just a name, a brand, or a logo. It is an idea.

It’s an idea about how to be successful at change. To understand this idea, you need first to look inside the minds of your employees. Any person is more likely to succeed at change if they are psychologically fit and ready for change. Employees who lack this psychological fitness are more likely to disengage and resist. Therefore, to be more successful and agile around change, invest in the change fitness of your employees.

And you also need to look at the organisational environment that surrounds your employees. Having employees with lots of psychological change fitness isn’t a benefit if the organisation isn’t ready to maximise and support those assets. In fact, that organisation will not only underperform, but will probably lose any change fitness strengths it may have had. So, to be more successful and agile around change, invest in the change readiness of your organisation.

And that’s the idea behind The Change Gym. It’s a safe place to develop the fitness and readiness to succeed at change. Our training programs, coaching services, and assessments help identify what your needs are and build your capacity to be more adaptable, agile and successful at change.

The Change Gym (ABN: 94 142 055 589) is an Australian company and we provide our services in Australia and around the world.

Our services centre around personal and organisational change. Our primary focus is on organisational change but, since organisations are made up of people, you can’t improve organisational change unless you also focus on people.

We are specialists in the psychology and management of change. Our particular areas of expertise are personal change fitness and organisational change readiness. Why is that important? Because it acknowledges two related realities – change must be managed well to succeed, but good management alone is not going to cut it if people aren’t fit enough or ready enough to succeed. You need to think more broadly than just management or leadership.

The Change Gym provides training in change, change readiness, change fitness, and change management to those working in the organisational change space. We also train coaches in change fitness and change readiness, and provide coaching services to organisations.

We’d love to hear from you. It’s easy to set up a convenient time to talk. No commitment implied.