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The Change Gym (ABN: 94 142 055 589) is an Australian company located on the Gold Coast, Australia. We provide our services in Australia and around the world. 

We believe people need opportunities to make real choices about their lives and their future. But they also need the capacity to change things that need to be changed along the way. Therefore, they need an understanding of the success pattern of the change process, and enough change fitness and change readiness to achieve their goals.

People also need professional support to understand the success pattern of change and to develop the change fitness and change readiness needed for success. Our role is to provide that support.

We are specialists in the psychology and management of change. Our expertise is in the success pattern of the change process, personal change fitness and organisational change readiness. 

We provide training, coaching, assessments, and consulting. We also train internal and external coaches in change fitness and change readiness.

Let’s explore some strategies to help you become even more successful.