Security. A matter of choice. Not chance.

The world is changing – constantly and quickly. And we need to adapt to changing expectations, demands, loyalties, and markets.

The world provides many challenges and very little security. Our security must come from inside us – from our ability to adapt effectively and quickly.

That means we need strong change readiness. Change readiness is directly linked to our capacity to change quickly and effectively. As a leader or manager, do you want an agile and flexible organisation with a secure future? 

Change readiness is a scientific concept. When you follow the science, you’re doing the right things to care for the security of your people and organisation. 

The Change Gym brings expert knowledge of change readiness so you can take proven steps to build the security and success of your organisation. Don’t leave your security to chance.

How we can help you

We can help you build security in an ever-changing world by growing the change readiness of your organisation. More change readiness will help you adapt and grow faster and more effectively. 

We can provide you with a change readiness framework that makes sense, that works, and that is based in science. This framework can become the basis of your long-term security.

Who we are

We are an Australian business based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

We are specialists in change readiness with expertise at the PhD level and beyond. We teach change readiness at the master’s level at UTAS. We have developed specialised tools to assess and build change readiness.

Developing your organisational change readiness is a science, and it’s a science that pays dividends. It will make you more successful, and save you time, money, stress, and energy.

Reclaim your future. It can all start with a simple conversation. Make the first move – join our free masterclass.

What makes us different

Our deep knowledge of change readiness sets us apart from other professionals working in organisational change. Our CEO, Steve Barlow has a PhD in change readiness and runs change readiness programs for Masters students at the University of Tasmania. Our deep, science-based knowledge of change readiness and our practical experience working with people across 16 countries allows us to be confident in our ability to help you.

Some organisations and people we have helped:

In association with the University of Tasmania