We are delighted to present you episodes of the ‘Humanised Workforce – Future You’ podcast hosted by Steve Barlow and Craig Saphin. We hope you enjoy listening to them and find them entertaining and useful.

The inspiration for this podcast came from Craig. The intention is to bring a positive message about the future of work and the role of ordinary people in the workforce. We hear so much about disruptive technology and AI and it is easy to feel confused about what it all means for regular people like you and me.

But we believe there are some fixed markers we can use to navigate this uncertain world. These markers are things that have always been true about work, and about successful people. You will hear the voices of people who have discovered some of these markers in their own lives. See how many you can discover.

Relationship to change readiness

You may ask youself what all this has to do with change readiness. Actually, a lot. Change readiness is about the adaptability of people and systems and their readiness to be successful when things change. The people we interviewed present different facets of what that looks and sounds like in real life. You can learn valuable lessons from their stories.