Growing Success

We help organisations and individuals become more successful at change. We do this by developing their capacity to succeed at the change process, helping them get ready for change, and by providing actionable change management processes.

If you can’t change, you get stuck. If you’re not agile and adaptable, you can’t be competitive. If you’re not change fit, you’re not ready for the opportunities of the future.

Personal Change Fitness

Change fitness is a psychological concept that refers to an individual’s capacity to meet all the demands of the change process. The more change fitness a person has, the more likely they are to succeed at change. A person with high change fitness has a greater capacity to cope with the demands of challenging and difficult change.  As a result, they are more likely to be successful when making change. People with low change fitness tend to be more resistant to change and are more likely to disengage and quit when change becomes hard. The good news is, change fitness can be developed at any age.

Organisational Change Readiness

Organisational change readiness refers to an organisation’s capacity to meet the demands of the change process. It is much more than simply readiness to begin a change project. Change readiness consists of 6 major elements, one of which is the change fitness of  all stakeholders. When these 6 elements work together in harmony, the optimal environment is created for successful change to occur. Organisational change readiness can be grown so the organisation becomes more agile over time. Change-ready organisations are at least twice as likely to achieve successful change outcomes compared to organisations with low change readiness.

Organisational Change Management

Although there are a number of popular change management approaches in common use, we believe they are lack some critical elements. They don’t map well to the change process, nor do they integrate change readiness into their processes.   

It is important to base your change management approach firmly on the change process because this is an expression of how humans approach change when they do it well. We are hard-wired to approach change in a way that delivers optimal results, but we don’t always do it that way. Why? Because, although we have the hardware to be successful, we often don’t have the right software. We want to teach you how to approach change with the right software (thinking and knowledge).

And it is also important to integrate change readiness into the change management approach. Change readiness isn’t something to tack onto change management. It’s about the readiness to succeed at the change process, and that’s a fundamentally important issue. We can show you how to do it right, so you have the best possible chance of success.

We provide change management templates that guide you step-by-step through the change project. These are practical tools you can use day to day.

Coach Training

Part of our business involves training external and internal coaches in how to build the change fitness and change readiness of individuals and teams. If this interests you, we have accreditation pathways to teach you what you need to know.


We provide comprehensive change readiness assessments for organisations highlighting areas of strength and weakness in change capacity and helping organisations become more change-ready.

How We Help

The Change Gym specialises in helping people develop more change fitness and helping organisations develop more change readiness. We have also developed a change management model based on the change process and with change readiness principles and practices in-built. We provide training, advice, and tools to help people and organisations become more powerful and successful around change.

This website gives you information about what we do, but we invite you to contact us directly to discuss how we can help you achieve your change goals.