Change Readiness Training

The purpose of change readiness training is to help change leaders and managers understand the connection between change readiness and change resistance, and discover new ways to overcome resistance and build engagement during the change process.

Organisational change readiness is a complex, multidimensional, and often misunderstood topic. But it’s also an important topic, because research has shown that change readiness makes organisations more successful, profitable, and competitive.

Our training will help you see through the haze and give you clarity about what change readiness is and, more importantly, how to help organisations become more ready for change.

You will walk away with a comprehensive, cutting-edge understanding of the change readiness concept, and resources you can use out of the box to increase engagement, lower resistance, and improve your chances of success with change.


After doing all this training you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the real source of resistance to change
  2. Describe the structure of the change process
  3. Show how to use the structure of the change process to guide change management plans
  4. Describe the key psychological strengths people need to succeed at the change process
  5. Describe the key leadership and management capacities necessary to develop change readiness within organisations
  6. Outline a conceptual framework of the organisational change readiness concept
  7. Provide recommendations for building change readiness within organisations
  8. Refer to tools, templates, assessments, and resources to help build change readiness

2 Modules

The training consists of 2 main modules, each of which is broken down into smaller sections. The first module, called ‘From Change Resistance to Change Readiness’, establishes a conceptual understanding of change resistance and its relationship with readiness. It examines the nature of the change process, the psychological resources needed to succeed at it on an individual level, and finally at the skills and capacities needed from a change leader.

The second module, called ‘Applying Change Readiness’ presents a six-dimensional model of organisational change readiness and offers a series of practical recommendations that emerge from this model.

Both modules integrate theory and practice, with ample scope to explore implications, examine tools and resources, and consider actual case studies.

Since the second module is an extension of the first, these modules can only be delivered in their natural order.

Online or On-Site

Both modules can be delivered online via Zoom or on-site. They can be delivered over a time period that suits your needs.


This training was developed by professional and experienced change readiness specialists.

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