Training Outcomes

This is where many businesses put their testimonials from satisfied clients. We’re not going to do that. Instead, we are going to show you an overall view of the outcomes they achieved.

The graph

Since 2015, we have worked with people and businesses in several sectors, including the coaching industry, tertiary education, health workers, and other business sectors.

These clients have all completed our readiness training program – From Resistance to Readiness.

Below is a graph showing how this training improved their change readiness. These groups have improved their change fitness scores by an average of 38%. Every group improved in every change fitness factor. Would they be satisfied?

What does this mean? It means that every group had, on average, 38% more motivation, agency, trust, balance, insight, vision, and empowering beliefs. Do these sound like valuable qualities to you? Could you manage that potential to extract better performance from people? How much extra performance could you extract? 5%? 10%? How much of a difference would such an improvement make?

The graph above shows improvements in the change readiness of recently served clients. The red bars show their change readiness before From Resistance to Readiness training, and the green ones show their change readiness scores after training. Note that the average improvement in scores is 38%. Furthermore, every group improved on every change readiness factor – motivation, agency, trust, balance, insight, vision, and beliefs – all in 90 days.  

Will it work for you?

Just because something worked well for others does not guarantee it will work for you.  

However, there is every probability you will if you make the effort. We are confident in our methodology and the theory behind it. Suppose you are willing to trust us and follow our devised process. In that case, we will work alongside you to deliver excellent outcomes. That’s our promise to you. 

Business Outcomes

Someone might say, It’s excellent that change readiness has improved, but how does that benefit my organisation in practice? What are the outcomes I can expect to see?

To answer that question, we must make two observations. First, the Progressive Performance Model shows that progressive performance emerges from increased global change readiness within the organisation. Second, effective leadership and management are intrinsic to the Progressive Performance Model. By following the model, leaders can leverage better performance from increased change readiness within the business. 

Here are four business outcomes you could expect to see:  

  1. Improved progressive performance – you should be able to achieve significant increases in performance across your teams if you leverage change fitness gains. It’s easy; we can show you how to do it. 
  2. Better change outcomes; more ability to cope with unexpected changes – change readiness is associated with improved performance. It makes organisations more competitive and supports long-term sustainability. 
  3. Better problem-solving and more opportunities – change readiness improves problem-solving capability and makes it easier to see and grasp new opportunities. 
  4. Greater well-being and sustainability – as people develop a greater capacity to deal with change, their well-being improves, and organisations become more sustainable. 


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