What issues do we address?

The problems we address affect businesses and organisations around the world. They are:

  1. disengagement in the workplace
  2. resistance to change
  3. low change fitness
  4. low change readiness
  5. change leadership needs

There are many people who resist change and many organisations that aren’t ready for it. The Change Gym helps:

  • people develop personal fitness for the change process
  • organisations develop readiness for change projects
  • leaders and managers develop their capacity to lead change projects
  • coaches develop the expertise to build the change fitness of their clients

If you’ve ever had to manage or lead people who are disengaged and resistant to change, you’ll know how difficult and frustrating that is. That’s called lived experience. Understanding why it happens and how to overcome it is called leadership expertise.

And that’s what we want to share with you.

Change leadership, change agility, change adoption

Disengagement and resistance are serious global problems, costing billions of dollars each year in lost revenue and productivity.

No one wants to manage or work in organisations where people are disengaged from their daily tasks and resistant to any change that doesn’t appeal to them. It’s far better to work with people who are open to changes that help the organisation grow and achieve its mission.

But how do you get people who have the potential to disengage and resist, to make an entirely different set of choices – choosing instead to engage in change and support it?

We have some important information to share with you that will help you create change-fit people in change-ready workplaces. And the best news is there’s a small and easy step you can take right now to get started.

With this one simple step we can begin to show you how to:

Cut the costs of organisational change

Improve your chances of success

Create flow and engagement

Take the next step

The next step is simple and it’s free. We want to give you some free information to read and consider.

To receive this information you just need to click on the button below and we’ll send it to you. It comes with no strings attached but it will help you get a sense of where these problems come from and how you can deal with them.  So go ahead and click on the button to get the information.

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The problem is that many people and organisations aren’t ready to succeed at the change process.

The short-change

With organisational change, it’s easy to get short-changed. You pay the price, but the outcomes often:

  • Cost more than you expected
  • Are not as good as you hoped for
  • Take longer to achieve than you planned

This usually happens because:

  • Employees resist, disengage and don’t support the change
  • Managers don’t fully embrace and ‘sell’ the change
  • Employees are change fatigued and have low change capacity

And on top of that:

  • Change is often more disruptive than anticipated
  • Employees leave because of the change
  • And there’s a real risk of long-term damage to the organisation’s culture

Change is not the problem

Change many be constant and we do live in a VUCA world, but our real problem isn’t change. Our real problem is us – we’re not ready to succeed at change. We’re not good at handling so much change.

But that can change. So, get ready for it – not just ready to begin, but ready to win.

How can we help?

Talking about building change fitness and change readiness, reducing disengagement and resistance, and building agility sounds great, but how do we do it? Where does it all begin?

Here’s where we start:

  • After the decision to take the first step has been made, it begins by assessing what your change fitness and change readiness look like right now.
  • A change readiness assessment provides you with data. That data can guide your next steps. And we’ll make some recommendations about what you could do moving forward.
  • Next, if you need and want to take some positive steps to build your readiness and capacity to succeed at change, we can support you with coaching programs and training to help you make progress.

Why Us?

Because we are specialists in how people and organisations get fit and ready to succeed at change.

Our senior change readiness consultants bring a wealth of training and experience to guide you through this process. The Change Gym Director, Steve Barlow, has a PhD in change fitness and change readiness and teaches these topics to graduate students at an Australian university. Therese Wales spent 24 years as HR Director of Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 100 company, where she was responsible for major change projects across Australia, Asia, and North America. Other members of our team bring their deep experience with personal and organisational change and change readiness.

We work alongside you to give your change projects the best chance of success.

So, don’t just get ready to begin change; be ready to succeed at it.

This website provides more information about how we do that. But, the easiest thing to do is talk to us. It won’t cost you anything to explore how we might be able to help you achieve better change outcomes. Click on the button below to arrange a suitable time.

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We live in an age of constant change – globalisation, technology, AI, robotics. To survive and thrive in this competitive and disruptive age we must be good at change. That’s why we need change fitness and change readiness. So act now and put yourself in the best position to win.

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