Get ready for change

Get ready for success

We help organisations and individuals build capacity and readiness to succeed at change


We all need help to grow and succeed. Our expertise in personal change fitness and organisational change readiness can help you become more successful in personal and organisational change. By following some simple steps, learn how to make change work out for you.




A practical step by step guide to change management integrating the change process and change readiness
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Training in change, change fitness and change readiness. Organisational change readiness assessments
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Licensing opportunities in the change fitness/readiness/management space. Create active and passive income streams
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          We focus on 3 areas:

  • Organisational change management toolkit and training. We provide a step-by-step guideline in how to manage organisational change – what to do and how to do it. Our approach is unique in that it integrates the best of current change management practices with the latest research into change readiness and the change process.
  • Organisational change readiness training & assessments. Change readiness is an integral part of change management and organisational development. Discover how to turn resistance into readiness and how to position your change projects for success. We also provide comprehensive change readiness assessments and consulting services. Able to be scaled to any organisation. 
  • Personal change fitness and change leadership coaching. Change fitness is about a person’s psychological capacity to succeed at the change process. When people are weak in this capacity, they find change stressful and are more likely to resist change and disengage from the process. We provide online programs to help build change fitness and these can be supplemented with coaching from specially trained change fitness coaches. Leaders, especially, need high levels of change fitness. We have a proprietary assessment to measure change fitness strengths and limitations.  

“Being a change-fit person means being an effective primary agent of change in your own life. But this doesn’t mean being overly proud of what you are. It means being committed to the possibilities of what you can become.” (Steve Barlow)


We can help you, your leaders, and the employees in your organisation become more agile, adaptable, responsive, and successful at the change process. This is not about developing new techniques. It is about developing the psychological capacity to meet the demands of the change process and being ready to succeed at everything it demands of you and your team.

Building your capacity and readiness for change enables you to overcome the barriers to success that are the main causes of resistance, disengagement, and poor change outcomes. We can help you build your knowledge and understanding of change and how to develop readiness for the change process. This provides you with a more sophisticated language to describe and explain what happens during change, and new categories of understanding so you can make better decisions.


Our ideas, approaches, and technologies were developed within a research-based academic environment at the same time as we were working in the real world of personal and organisational change. The combination of academic rigour and the need to deliver practical outcomes in the real world helped us to be very grounded in our approach and to see theory with fresh eyes and a focus on useful application.

We bring a strong psychological focus that recognises that organisational change is really people change. People make change successful; or they make it fail. Therefore, helping people become fitter and more ready for change is just as important as the technical skills of change or project management.

Unlike many approaches that mainly focus on managing process, our approach integrates the personal psychological capacity to succeed at change (change fitness) with other aspects of organisational reality that support the change process (change readiness). We have developed methodologies and tools to turn robust theory into solid practice, meaning we can build capacity and measure progress.

It is our focus and goal to help organisations and people become more successful at change with the knowledge and skills to move ahead independently. So, let us help you build the change readiness you need to create an authentic, optimistic and confident culture of success.

Reach out to us and explore how we can help you.