We are a team of trainers, researchers, and coaches who work with individuals and organisations to help them build more capacity to succeed at change. Our team are highly trained professionals and include those with doctorates and masters degrees, and those who have led major organisational change projects in Australia and around the world. All team members are trained and certified in change fitness and/or change readiness.

We are an Australian company, but we work with people around the world. All of our services can be delivered online.


We focus on 3 areas:

  • We provide organisational change readiness training. This isn’t about getting prepared for change. It’s about the 6 dynamic areas that influence an organisation’s change readiness and that impact the change outcomes you are able to deliver.
  • We provide change readiness assessments. It is very important to assess your organisational change readiness before you implement change and, if the implementation period is extended, at various times during the implementation stage. If you have already embarked on a change project and have not done a comprehensive change readiness assessment, it’s not too late to do one. Change readiness assessments are important because they give you information to help you make the right decisions during the change process.
  • We provide change fitness and change leadership coaching. Change fitness coaching is about building a person’s psychological capacity to succeed at the change process. When people are weak in this capacity, they find change stressful and are more likely to resist change and disengage from the process. therefore, it is very important that employees, and especially leaders, have high levels of personal change fitness. Change leadership coaching is not about developing techniques in change management or project management. It is about knowing how to draw out the combined change fitness strengths of the team and knowing how to use them strategically during change projects. It is about being a role model – someone who demonstrates change fitness in action and promotes social learning so other employees learn how to develop their own change fitness.


We can help you, your leaders, and the employees in your organisation become more agile, adaptable, responsive, and successful at the change process. This is not about developing new techniques. It is about developing the psychological capacity to meet the demands of the change process and being ready to succeed at everything it demands of you and your team.

Building your capacity and readiness for change enables you to overcome the barriers to success that are the main causes of resistance, disengagement, and poor change outcomes. We can help you build your knowledge and understanding of change and how to develop readiness for the change process. This provides you with a more sophisticated language to describe and explain what happens during change, and new categories of understanding so you can make better decisions.


Our aim is to work with you to build your capacity to be more successful with change and more able to assess what you can do to increase your readiness for the change process. We don’t want you to become dependent on us or any other external consultant. We want you to develop your own capacity to be successful – but you need to learn what to do so you can achieve it.

Our ideas, approaches, and technologies were developed within a research-based academic environment at the same time as we were working in the real world of personal and organisational change. The combination of academic rigour and the need to deliver practical outcomes in the real world helped us to be very grounded in our approach and to see theory with fresh eyes and a focus on useful application.

We bring a strong psychological focus that recognises that organisational change is really people change. People make change successful; or they make it fail. Therefore, helping people become fitter and more ready for change is at least as important as the technical skills of change or project management.

See Change Differently 

1-day ‘From Resistance to Readiness’ training.


The best place to start exploring how we can help you is to attend one of our 1-day training programs. This will help you begin to understand how change readiness in organisations influences people’s capacity to engage in and support change.

We recommend you attend our “From Resistance to Readiness” training, which is help on a regular basis and is a 1-day, online program. If you relate to what you learn, you might want to explore some further training, change readiness assessments, or coaching.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we might help you.

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