How to Create Successful Change

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In 2010, McKinsey reported the findings of a huge study involving more than 315,000 respondents. They found that 75% of organisations were experiencing change and that 70% of change initiatives were regarded as unsuccessful.Hundreds of other studies corroborate the 70% failure rate statistic. This statistic is often cited in the change management community as a reason to engage change management professionals as change leaders. But the problem is that the 70% statistic has remained stable for decades, even though change [...]

What is a change readiness assessment?

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You might not know why you would even need a change readiness assessment if you don’t understand what it is. In this article, I want to give you a general understanding of what a change readiness assessment is. Readiness for what? First, it is important to understand what we are talking about. When we say readiness to change, what are we talking about? Are we talking about readiness to begin a change project? Is it like being prepared [...]

Change fatigue – the hidden killer

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Managers are often aware when employees resist change. Resistance is usually a visible thing – people complain, tell negative stories, or get annoyed. But change fatigue is hidden and managers often fail to recognise it. According to McMillan & Perron (2013), “staff experiencing change fatigue simply shut off and become withdrawn, taking no steps to address issues relating to change initiatives.” Contributing factors Here are some factors that contribute to change fatigue: Perceived lack of control – employees feel [...]

Make Resistance Your Friend

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Resistance to change is very common and it frustrates most managers. But here’s a secret: resistance doesn’t have to be a problem.  In fact, it could become the manager’s best friend. Change how you look at resistance You have to change how you look at resistance. Most managers look at resistance as something that must be squashed. They see it as an enemy that stands in the way of success. That is not a helpful way of looking [...]

Change Readiness or Resistance?

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Are the people in your team ready for change, or do they typically resist change? People who resist People who resist generally don’t handle change well and tend to see it as a threat.  They avoid it as much as possible, worried it will introduce things they don’t want to face. Basically, they fear change. This is driven by a sense of insecurity about their capacity, and they have memories and stories of how and when change went [...]

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