About The Change Gym

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Hi, I’m Steve Barlow, a Director of The Change Gym.I want to help you understand what we do as a company and how we may be able to help you. So, let me tell you a little of our story.The Change Gym grew out of some work I was doing over a decade ago. I had been working in the NSW correctional system running programs to help inmates engage in positive personal change. Over a period of 7 years I [...]

Are You an Essential Worker?

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This sign has appeared outside London Tube stations and speaks to the realities of life during a pandemic. A few people get the green light to travel and everyone else goes home.But life has never been much different in some ways. Some people travel along life’s tube getting green lights all the way, while others don’t get far. Everywhere they turn they encounter one red light after another.Are you one of the lucky ones who travels with green lights? Or [...]

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