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Hi, I’m Steve Barlow, a Director of The Change Gym.

I want to help you understand what we do as a company and how we may be able to help you. So, let me tell you a little of our story.

The Change Gym grew out of some work I was doing over a decade ago. I had been working in the NSW correctional system running programs to help inmates engage in positive personal change. Over a period of 7 years I coached about 3000 men.

This experience helped me understand that even if you had the best programs in the world, they won’t work for some people. Some people resist change no matter how you try to engage them. And yet for other people, mediocre programs can be effective. Now, it’s obviously better to have good programs, but on their own, good programs aren’t enough.

I guess most program deliverers know that programs work better for some people than for others. That’s a kind of insider knowledge – if you deliver change programs you know what both engagement and resistance look like. But it’s much harder to know what’s going on inside the heads of people who receive the programs. What causes them to engage or resist and, more importantly, what is it they bring to programs that makes them effective?

I didn’t really have answers to these questions, but I wanted to know. I wanted to know because, if I could identify what the secret ingredient was, then perhaps I could make better use of it and help people develop more of it. So, I went back to university, enrolled in a PhD program and 6 years later I had some answers. The Change Gym was born out of a desire to share these answers with others.

We are involved in the management of personal and organisational change, but we are not primarily a management company. We certainly have strengths in developing and implementing change programs, but our main strength relates to what happens in the minds of people who will be most affected by the changes. No matter how good your programs are or how skilled your change managers, stakeholders must be ready to engage with change programs if they are to succeed.

They say that knowledge is power. I’m here to tell you that knowing how to unlock change fitness and change readiness is the secret to powerful and effective change programs. This is what we know most about, and we have developed pathways to help you gain the knowledge you need.

Remember this: you need great programs, but you also need great people to make those programs work. Learning about change fitness and change readiness helps you discover who those people are, and how to help others become those people.

When you apply change fitness and change readiness principles to your change projects, you can expect to see more engagement, less resistance, and improved change outcomes. You can expect to see more agile and adaptable employees and an organisational culture that accepts and embraces change.

So, that’s who we are, where we’ve come from, and what we do. And we’d love to be part of your future. When change-fit and change-ready stakeholders engage with great change programs, the future is worth getting excited about. So, if you’re ready to say good-bye to change fatigue, disengagement, and resistance, why not check out what we’ve got to say?


Are You an Essential Worker?

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This sign has appeared outside London Tube stations and speaks to the realities of life during a pandemic. A few people get the green light to travel and everyone else goes home.

But life has never been much different in some ways. Some people travel along life’s tube getting green lights all the way, while others don’t get far. Everywhere they turn they encounter one red light after another.

Are you one of the lucky ones who travels with green lights? Or do you constantly encounter red lights no matter how hard you try?

There’s something real and unreal about getting green lights. The unreal bit comes from observer bias. It’s easy to look at another person and imagine how easy life is for them when everything keeps going so well all the time. But we don’t really know how they experience reality, or what struggles they deal with. Maybe they do have it good, but maybe they’ve overcome a lot to get there.

The real bit is that some people know how to turn disadvantage into advantage. It may look like life is one series of green lights for them, but what you don’t see are all the red lights they enounter and manage to find ways around. They don’t let failure stop them. They are flexible and prepared to change course. They look for good opportunities. They seek out all the green lights they can find.

Perhaps some are just lucky – born in the right place at the right time. But many are change fit. They have disovered the success pattern of change and are good at making change work in their favour.

Bertrand Piccard is a Swiss adventurer who circumnavigated the world in a balloon. He learnt an important lesson from this experience. You can’t control which way the wind blows. But whether you succeed or fail has a lot to do with how you respond to the wind. It has a lot to do with the choices you make given the winds that blow. Change fitness helps people respond to the winds of change in ways that open new pathways for them. They navigate towards green lights.

So, what kind of lights do you tend to get? Are you frustrated because the lights are often red? Are you waiting for more favourable winds? Well, change fitness can give you the power to respond to change in ways that advantage you.

There are green lights waiting for you. Go find them.

Written by Dr Steve Barlow

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