Managing Change, Change Fitness, and Power

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Much of the language around change management has to do with power. In this article I want to challenge you to rethink the nature of this power and to consider the role of change fitness.

Power over change

What words do we often hear when people talk of managing change? How about these: influence, leverage, reengineer, redirect, mandate, restructure, convince, get onboard, enlist, persuade, manage, reorganise. What kind of power do these words suggest to you?

I suggest these words suggest […]

The Change Quadrant™

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The idea of change fitness didn’t just come out of nowhere. It has been shaped by the ideas of great thought leaders, including Lewin, Sternberg, McAdams, Maruna, Koltko-Rivera, Prochaska & DiClemente, Seligman, Gergan, Bruner, Frankl, Kegan, and many others.

In this article, I want to focus on one of these thinkers and show you how his work contributes to the change fitness concept.

Kurt Lewin

Kurt Lewin is very well known by people in the organisational change space. He died about […]

Why Coaching Fails

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I have been coaching for over 16 years and I wish I could say that all my clients made fantastic progress. Some did, but others were disappointed with the coaching outcomes and some achieved what they always expected – not much.

The dilemma

Over this time, I have pondered why some people achieve great results and others don’t. What is it that mediates the outcome a client achieves? Is it the immediate context? Could it be the broader environment, or perhaps […]