Change Fitness and Change Readiness – How are they similar and different?

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How are change readiness and change fitness similar, and how are they different? They are similar in that they both relate to the change process. One is about being fit for the change process and the other is about being ready for it. The Marathon For example, think of a significant change as though it were a marathon that must be run – it is long, demanding, and difficult. If you’re not fit enough to run the distance, [...]

Is Change Readiness about Getting Ready to Begin?

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Getting ready to begin a change is certainly important. Many people think change readiness is mainly about getting ready to begin – organising things in preparation and ticking off the checklist. Sure, this is important, but it is a long way from what change readiness means. To be ready for change is not to be ready only for the beginning of the change process, but to be ready for all the change process. It is readiness to complete [...]


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This article will help you understand how to assess change readiness in an organisation. This is important information if you manage organisational change. Change readiness has been on my horizon for almost 20 years. It was the topic of my PhD research and for the past decade it has been the focus of my business. Therefore, in this article I want to help you understand what change readiness is and how to assess it. Organisational Change Readiness In [...]


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We need to start thinking more systemically about organisational change. I mean, we need to move beyond the first A (acceptance) and start thinking about the other two (acceptance and adaptability). Approach Lewin, Hiatt, Kotter and others have helped us think in terms of the first ‘A’ – how managers should approach organisational change. And it's true - the way managers and leaders approach change makes a difference to how things turn out. They need to clearly understand [...]