We write about progressive performance, but what do we mean by progress?

Progress can mean different things at different times, but here are five situations in which it may apply.

Quality – progress could mean improving the company’s service or product quality.

Growth – progress could mean business growth. The company or organisation may wish to expand into new territories, develop new markets, or diversify its services or products.

Client satisfaction – progress could mean improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. It may mean developing new ways to engage and communicate with clients.

Reputation – progress could mean building a more substantial reputation or standing within your industry. It may require better marketing strategies, building niche capabilities, or developing a more significant competitive advantage.

Finances – progress could mean improving the bottom line.

Progress can mean different things at different times and in different situations. In any of these situations, the issue is furthering the interests of the organisation, its mission, and its vision. To achieve this with the least amount of disruption, change readiness is critical.

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

Steve heads up The Change Gym. He is a change readiness specialist. You can contact him at