Is the Change Process Real?

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Is the change process real?Is there such a thing as the change process? That might sound a strange question because there are hundreds of models of the change process and people have been studying it for decades. But is it a real thing and, if so, what is it?Models of ChangeArguably, the best analysis of the change process is the Transtheoretical Model. This model postulates that change unfolds through a series of five steps, or stages. It begins with Pre-Contemplation, [...]

The Hardware and Software of Change

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The Hardware and Software of ChangeHuman beings have always needed to adapt to change. The fact that we have survived so far, have managed to occupy almost every ecological niche on the planet, and have become the dominant species shows that we do adapt to change. Yet, it’s not hard to find people who hate change. So, how are we to understand this paradox?Threat or OpportunityTo our ancient ancestors, change meant threat or opportunity. At times they faced the dangers [...]

Understanding the Demands of Change

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When the change process is difficult it is difficult for a reason. The reason is that it makes demands on us. We might look at those demands in a future article (let me know if you would be interested in such an article), but for now let’s consider two general aspects about the demands of change.Self-Summoning or Self-Transforming?Self-summoning change demands that you summon your resources and bring them to the table. If the change is relatively easy, you will have [...]