3 Lessons My New Friend Taught Me

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My new friend has been teaching me.

Wicket is a 12-year-old, one-eyed rescue dog who joined our family about 15 weeks ago. It was love at first sight – a perfect match. He wanted to be special, and we had a lot of love to give. Perfect.

But Wicket has challenged some of my deepest assumptions about the world. I can’t think of anyone else who’s been able to do that so well, so quickly, and with so little effort. He […]

Will Change Fitness Become a Key Employability Factor?

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There are some good reasons why change fitness may become an important employability factor in the future.

When you stop and think about the context of the modern world, at least in the West, there are three stand-out realities that can’t be ignored. First, there is incessant, unrelenting, and rapid change in technology, and in economic, commercial and sociological arenas. This change brings new opportunities for individuals and organisations able to capitalise on them, but it also brings disruption […]

Three Signs a Client is Ready for Coaching

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You can’t assume a client must be ready for coaching just because they turned up. Some people think the coach’s job is to get rid of their problems and make them successful. Others are more realistic, but still not ready for coaching. Here are three things to look out for when assessing a client’s readiness.

Is the client willing to trust you?

Some people find it easy to trust, and others have been burnt in the past and believe you can’t […]