What Makes Coaching Work?

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In this article, I want to examine what makes coaching work.

A friend of mine recently went to a business networking meeting. The speaker was a business coach. After the presentation, three separate business people expressed their opinion that coaching is a waste of time and money. It simply doesn’t work.

Those of us in the coaching game believe coaching works, therefore, I am not going to ask whether it works. I want to ask a related question; “What makes coaching […]


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There are real benefits in Change Fitness Coaching, and it is worth considering this opportunity. Here are 10 advantages to consider.

  1. Need – the need for change fitness is a real thing. In this world, we all must cope with change. Many people find it hard to adapt to changes in their personal lives, their careers, and their businesses. Probably, this will only increase over time as technology advances and impacts more of our lives. Coaches who […]

Bob’s Story

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Meeting Bob

When I first met Bob he seemed like a savvy business consultant with all the right answers. He was a guy in his early 4os, well-presented, well-spoken, and he appeared confident. I suggested he would benefit from some short-term change fitness coaching but he showed little interest at first. He later told me he wasn’t interested in being coached because he thought his change fitness was fine – he had no need of that, or so he thought.

After […]

Brian’s Story

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I first met Brian through LinkedIn. He lives in Australia, loves learning, and is a medical professional. He was interested in change fitness because he encounters many clients who say they want to change, but don’t keep up with recommended lifestyle changes. He wanted to learn more about why this happens, and how he could help people make better choices.

When I conducted the initial change fitness assess