There are real benefits in Change Fitness Coaching, and it is worth considering this opportunity. Here are 10 advantages to consider.

  1. Need – the need for change fitness is a real thing. In this world, we all must cope with change. Many people find it hard to adapt to changes in their personal lives, their careers, and their businesses. Probably, this will only increase over time as technology advances and impacts more of our lives. Coaches who know how to meet this need will be in demand.
  2. Clear Focus – change fitness coaching has a very clear focus: building change fitness and change readiness in our clients. This is something that can be described and measured. It is abstract, but not airy-fairy or vague.
  3. Well-Researched Framework and Structure – change fitness coaching is a scientific approach. It is based on positive psychology, cognitive psychology, and narrative psychology. It is backed by solid academic research. It provides a clear and robust coaching framework on which to base your practice. This gives a clear and logical structure to change fitness coaching, but it’s not rigid and formulaic.
  4. Tools – change fitness coaching is supported by a suite of tools. These are specifically designed to help coaches deliver the outcomes they and their clients want.
  5. Specialisation – change fitness coaching provides a specialisation in the coaching space. It can stand on its own, or it can marry up with life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, or any other branch of coaching. All coaching involves change, so change fitness is relevant to all. Being a specialisation is important – it means Certified Change Fitness Coaches can provide an important service other coaches can’t provide.
  6. Cutting-Edge – change fitness coaching is a 21st century idea. It is based on the latest research into how people succeed at the change process. Your clients will benefit from cutting-edge research, knowledge, and technology.
  7. Support – Certified Change Fitness Coaches enjoy on-going support and training from The Change Gym. You never need be on your own – help is always available when you need it.
  8. Team and Community – Certified Change Fitness Coaches have opportunities to work collaboratively with other certified coaches, and have access to the change fitness coaching community. There are opportunities to work on your own, or with others, and to offer and receive support from others. The choice is yours.
  9. Referrals – there may be opportunities to receive referral clients from others within the change fitness coaching community, or to refer clients to other Certified Change Fitness Coaches. This enables you to scale your business as you grow.
  10. Global Licensing Opportunity – there are no boundaries with change fitness coaching. You can run a global, online business, or you can work face-to-face. Licensing is very affordable, and ensures you get access to all the tools and resources that are available only to licensed coaches.

If you are a trained and experienced coach, becoming a Certified Change Fitness Coach may be the best next step in your coaching career. If you think so, and you’d like to have a talk about it, click on the button below.

Dr Steve Barlow

Certified Change Fitness Coach

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

Steve heads up The Change Gym. He is a change readiness specialist. You can contact him at