The Link Between Uncertainty and Success

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The Link Between Uncertainty and Success A light breeze blew across the Tweed River one warm December evening in 2006. People stood at tables drinking, laughing and telling tales of the year that was all but done. A middle-aged stranger made his way across the crowded balcony and gave me some very disturbing news. He was a seasoned investor and he offered me one piece of free advice: sell all your shares. He said a crisis was coming. [...]

The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Entréepreneurs

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I want to introduce you to the entréepreneurs. The name entréepreneurs explains how some people respond to change. They are often curious about change, and even embrace it with eagerness. They love the beginnings of change; the excitement of plans and projects and anticipated journeys. But they don't embrace the whole change process with eagerness - only the first part of it. They love the entrée, but rarely stick around for the main course. If change were a feast, the entréepreneurs would be [...]

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