We base a lot of what we do and teach on the model shown below.

successful change model

You get coaching clients because they have a change project. This is the problem they want to overcome or the opportunity they want to grasp, and they want your help to get there.

But there are 4 areas you both must pay attention to.

Four key areas

The first is the change process. Your client will only succeed if they progress successfully through every step of the change process. Anything less will not lead to success. As a coach, your job is to understand where they are at, and help them to move ahead.

The second area is change fitness. Change fitness refers to the client’s psychological capacity to succeed at the change process. As a coach, you really need to know what level of capacity they have, and you need to know how to move them on and help them build more capacity. If you leave them with low capacity, they will always struggle with change.

The third area is change readiness. This refers to the 5 key messages your clients need to hear loud and clear – not just once, but repeatedly. If they don’t find compelling responses to these messages, they will probably give up.

The fourth area is change management, or, within the coaching context, managing the learning/coaching environment.

The main focus

The change fitness training provided by The Change Gym focuses on the first and second areas of the model – the change process and change fitness. These are related because change fitness refers to the psychological fitness needed to succeed at the change process.

You will experience a psychometric assessment used to measure how much change fitness a client has, and you will learn how we use this assessment. You will also experience a structured coaching program used to help clients develop more change fitness.

In the free course, you only experience the first 3 sections of the 11-section program. However, you will still learn things most coaches don’t know.

Once you get an understanding of how change fitness relates to all the other aspects of the model, you will better understand how to lead your clients towards more successful change outcomes.

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

Steve heads up The Change Gym. He is a change readiness specialist. You can contact him at steve@thechangegym.com.