The Meaning of Management

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The Meaning of Management What does management mean to you? What did it mean in the past and how has it changed over time? Social Change Before the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700’s, most people lived and worked in small communities. The corporations or government enterprises we are familiar with today did not exist at that time. Hence, managing people and workload was not so complicated a matter.However, industrialisation saw the establishment of many large enterprises [...]

Create Star Performers

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It’s often said that people are your greatest asset. But not all people equally. For instance, Google found that 90% of their teams' performance was produced by just 10% of their people. And we're all familiar with the 80/20 Rule. Some people are star performers - the ones you want to keep and the ones your competitors would love to poach. But other people are average performers, and some are poor performers. So, you’re already getting great value out [...]

Have You Gone Viral Yet?

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I remember the first time I heard the concept of going viral. An associate told me that you create a piece of content, put it on a social media platform, and wait for it to go viral. It sounded intriguing at the time, and straightforward. Well, I’m still waiting.When it comes to social media advice, there’s no shortage of ‘experts’ telling us how to make social media work in our business. There are literally millions of people trying to get [...]

You Need a Strategy

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Swiss adventurer, psychiatrist, and author, Bertrand Piccard, makes a very interesting observation about how most people approach life. He says, “To construct our life, we’re going to need to learn some strategies, but in reality, what we learn instead are visions of the world.”He claims that most of us don’t figure out the strategies we need to achieve our dreams, but we do figure out how we see the world. That’s quite sad when you think about it. Most people [...]

Becoming Adaptable, Remaining Stable

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When I was a kid we had a game called Fiddle Sticks, also called Pick Up Sticks. You had a container of sticks which you’d empty onto the table, creating a random structure. Each player would try to remove one stick at a time, trying to prevent the structure from collapsing. With a steady hand, you’d gingerly remove a stick, trying very hard not to disturb the others and collapse the whole pile. Like that game In a [...]

Are We Free or Programmed?

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How much freedom do we have to change? This is an important question because our beliefs affect the structure of our thinking, how we approach the world, and what we think is possible. Many barriers I once worked with people who had many barriers that negatively impacted their lives. Some battled addictions, others low educational attainment and poor work history, and most had multiple problems. For the most part, they wanted to change. But many approached change from [...]

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