How to Predict the Future

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How useful would it be if you could predict with pinpoint accuracy what will happen in the future? Imagine you could accurately predict the performance of a coaching client over a given time period. Or suppose you could accurately predict how effective any given organisational change approach would be in the long-term. If you could make those kinds of predictions, you’d have a lot of influence over the future. But is it remotely possible? How confident can you be [...]

What We Do

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Growing Success We help organisations and individuals become more successful at change. We do this by developing their capacity to succeed at the change process, helping them get ready for change, and by providing actionable change management processes.If you can't change, you get stuck. If you're not agile and adaptable, you can't be competitive. If you're not change fit, you're not ready for the opportunities of the future. Personal Change Fitness Change fitness is a psychological concept that refers to [...]


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This article will help you understand the value of working with a change fitness coach. HIGH VALUE OUTCOMES Success. Have you ever watched a master at work? A master makes it look easy. However, becoming a master is anything but easy. It takes dedication, commitment, and years of practice. Becoming successful is not easy. Becoming successful involves change. The master wasn’t always the master. Success doesn’t make people successful. Success is what happens when we grow and learn [...]


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The Change Gym began under a different name in February 2010. If you’re interested to hear our story thus far, here it is. Let’s go back before 2010. In the first decade of the 21st century, Steve and Stephanie Barlow (the founders) worked in government jobs. Stephanie worked mainly with unemployed people, helping them with job readiness and job education programs. Steve worked in a correctional centre running anger management programs for maximum security inmates. It is often [...]

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