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This article will help you understand the value of working with a change fitness coach.



Have you ever watched a master at work? A master makes it look easy. However, becoming a master is anything but easy. It takes dedication, commitment, and years of practice. Becoming successful is not easy.

Becoming successful involves change. The master wasn’t always the master.

Success doesn’t make people successful. Success is what happens when we grow and learn and make the most of our potential. Success is what happens when we change and become the best versions of ourselves – the best partners, parents, friends, workers, entrepreneurs that we can be.  It happens when we become masters of our own lives.

Change fitness affects our ability to change – successfully and with mastery. The more change fitness we have, the greater our capacity to become everything we have the potential to become. We become more able to build healthy relationships, healthy bodies, better families, profitable businesses, and rewarding careers.

Change fitness coaching helps you succeed by building your capacity to succeed at the change process. There’s no magic in it – change fitness is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Change fitness coaching helps you build the psychological change strengths you need to be successful.  What could be more valuable than that?


If you go to the gym and commit to doing the right exercises, it’s no surprise that you get fitter. It’s not magic that you get fit – it’s just how it works.

If you exercise your change fitness muscles, they will get fitter too. You can build up those change muscles if you do the right kind of exercises. Of course, these are not physical muscles; they are psychological muscles.

The program we can offer you is called the ‘Personal Change Fitness Program’. This program is based on the latest scientific understanding of change fitness and the best way to develop it. If you take this 12-week program and put your best into it, we guarantee you will make progress. We can scientifically and accurately measure progress, so there is no guess work involved.

We also have scientific data to show the program works. Clients who have taken this program have averaged a 40% improvement in their change fitness in just 12 weeks.  And that’s not just a statistic – it translates into people having more control over their lives and becoming more successful in the process.


Good coaches generally don’t come cheap. You could pay anything from $50 an hour to $250 an hour, or potentially even more. And when your hour is done, that’s it till the next session.

The Personal Change Fitness Program is a cost-effective coaching program.  It helps you get the best value from your change fitness coach. The coach will dedicate 10 hours of their time to help you, most of which is during coaching sessions. But here’s the real benefit to you – they will also provide you with an additional 36 hours of instructional resources, which you can complete in your own time. They will also assess your change fitness as you enter the program, and again at the end, so you can see exactly what happened as a result of the program.

Although this is a program, it is personalised around your needs. Everyone has a different experience as they work their way through.

This ability to multiply the coach’s input means you get much better value from every dollar you spend.


Change fitness coaches are specialists. They have undergone a rigorous training program and demonstrated their skills as change fitness specialists. You can be assured that their training will help you get maximum benefit from the program.


As mentioned earlier, building change fitness is not magic. As you exercise your change fitness muscle, it will get stronger and you will have more capacity to succeed at change.

But it all depends on your activity. The program is highly responsive to your effort (the more effort you make the better it will work), but it can’t work unless you do. If you’re looking for a magic pill, this is not it.


I’d love to say, ‘highly unique’, but that isn’t really a thing. However, the Personal Change Fitness Program is unique. Change fitness is at the growing edge of our understanding of what makes people successful at change.

This program presents an opportunity for you plug into this new and exciting area of psychology and personally benefit from it. So, talk to a change fitness coach about how you can get involved.

Dr Steve Barlow

Change Fitness Coach & Co-Developer of the Personal Change Fitness Program.

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

Steve heads up The Change Gym. He is a change readiness specialist. You can contact him at