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What’s the Problem with Organisational Change?

If you lived one hundred years ago and you asked, “What’s the problem with organisational change?”, a good answer would have been, “We have no scientific understanding of what to do.”

Since those days, countless books, articles, courses, programs, and experts have come along telling essentially the same message – research tells us there is a right way to manage change in organisations. We have had this knowledge since the 1930’s and 1940’s when Lewin published his work. Over the past 20-30 years what to do has come more sharply into focus through the writings of Kotter and others.

Yet despite this, there is still a serious problem. Most organisational change fails to deliver. Kotter, McKinsey, and countless others estimate that around 70% of organisational change fails. Daryl Connor, author of ‘Managing at the Speed of Change’, sums this up: “the so