We provide International Coach Federation accredited professional development training for coaches in change fitness, change leadership, and change readiness.

Our training will equip you to better understand your clients’ change journey and how to help them build their capacity to succeed at it. There are pathways leading to certification as a change fitness coach, and licensing opportunities. There are also pathways leading to post-graduate studies at the University of Tasmania. These pathways are available to self-employed coaches, contract coaches, and internal coaches.

Personal Change Fitness Program

All our training begins with the Personal Change Fitness Program. You will be coached through this Program, enabling you to achieve these 4 outcomes:

  1. Discover the 7 main elements of change fitness
  2. Experience personal growth and go beyond your current change fitness limits
  3. Experience what the Program is like as a client
  4. Learn what a change fitness coach does by watching how they coach you

At the conclusion, we will measure how much progress you have made and discuss the next steps with you.

Moving On – Licensing Opportunities

If you enjoyed the Personal Change Fitness Program, made satisfactory progress, and would like to use it with your own coaching clients, you have the option of moving into the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program. This Program leads to certification as a Change Fitness Coach and possible licensing opportunities for you. If you choose to go down that route, you will have opportunities to work collaboratively with The Change Gym and other Certified Change Fitness Coaches and may be sent referral clients. You may also have opportunities to work collaboratively in organisational change.

Watch the testimonial videos below – these are from people who, at the time of recording, were enrolled in the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program.

You can read more about change fitness coaching here.

NOTE: To access our change fitness coach training, you must must already be a coach (preferrably ICF approved) with at least 2 years’ experience. We sometimes accept into training coaches who have not been formally trained, but who have deep experience as a coach. If you are unsure of whether you would qualify, please discuss it with us.

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

Steve heads up The Change Gym. He is a change readiness specialist. You can contact him at steve@thechangegym.com.