To be optimistic doesn’t mean you’re in denial about life’s unpleasant realities. Optimistic people aren’t immune from struggles, obstacles, and disappointments.

Along the road to success, we all find obstacles that block our pathway. Sometimes they are inside us – like the fear of failure, insecurity, anxiety, or lack of motivation to get started. And sometimes they are on the pathway itself – like difficult people, running out of money, or wicked problems.

Such obstacles should not surprise us. The world was not designed to make our lives easier. The onus is on us. We can choose to become people who overcome obstacles or people who overcome obstacles.

Choosing to find ways around obstacles is the ground of optimism. We’re not talking about impossible problems here – like finding a married bachelor or travelling faster than light. We’re talking about problems that can be overcome with the right kind of knowledge.

Even if you don’t have the right kind of knowledge, you could choose to get it. You could learn it, discover it, or find someone who already has it. You can turn that missing bit of knowledge into a tool that enables you to overcome the obstacle on your pathway.

Optimism sets you free to pursue your dreams, but it also frees you from your excuses. You no longer have the excuse to sit on the sidelines and give up.

Optimism is important for change readiness. Can you see why? Join me in a free masterclass to learn more about change readiness.

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

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