Change Readiness Assessments

We can assess your change readiness and give you a report that will allow you to reduce your risks.

A change readiness assessment is a diagnostic process that reveals what to work on to improve your organisation’s change readiness.

Assessing change readiness can become complex, but some of its most important aspects can be assessed quickly, with the right tools.

We recommend you begin with a low-cost but effective assessment to reveal where you stand. You will get a summary report and some recommendations. This can be achieved with minimal impact.

Why assess?

High change readiness is an asset to any organisation, but low change readiness creates many risks. A change readiness assessment highlights your strengths, but it also shows you what risks you need to manage. And not only manage but overcome.

So, get all the data you need to make the best decisions and set the right directions. Talk to us about a quick and easy change readiness assessment.