Determining how valuable a product or service might be can be challenging. Is it worth its monetary value? Is it worth more, or is it worth less? Consider the benefits associated with the service or product and whether they are worth the monetary value.

We have a formula to help. This formula is KV = SV + RV + AV.

In this formula, KV represents knowledge value – how valuable this knowledge is to you. This KV is made up of its SV (the surprise value), its RV (the reliability value), and its AV (the application value).

How the formula works

So, what defines the SV? If you heard information that you already knew and understood, it would have a low SV. You would not be surprised to hear that information because you already knew it. On the other hand, if you have never heard, thought of, or understood that same information before, it would have a high SV. The higher the SV, the better.

And what about the RV? This is about how much you can trust the information you hear. It might be very surprising, but what if it’s not true? The less reliable the knowledge is, the less valuable it is to you. Indeed, it could do you great harm if you assumed it was reliable and it turned out to be otherwise. So, reliable information is more valuable than unreliable information.

What can we say about the AV – the application value? This is a measure of how useful the knowledge is. You could learn information that is very surprising and very reliable, but you can’t do much with it. It doesn’t help you in your work or your life. But, when the AV is high, you can use that knowledge to improve things. It is practical knowledge and it works. 

It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge that has high SV, RV, and AV. We believe that most people do not already have a scientific understanding of change readiness and what it involves. Therefore, we believe it has a high SV. We also believe it has a high RV because it is based on decades of scientific research. We teach this knowledge to Master of Leadership students in the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania. That’s an endorsement of its reliability. And we believe it has a high AV because we have developed ways to make it work in practice. It is practical knowledge that is accessible to most people if it is presented in the right ways. We can measure outcomes to demonstrate that it works.

We are confident that our services do bring great value to organisations and their people.