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Our services help organisations and their teams achieve better change outcomes by improving their readiness for successful change. We refer to this as “growing your change readiness muscles“. There is no better place to do this than The Change Gym. 

Change readiness is something you create. Organisations that have struggled with changes in the past can become more successful at it. That happens through the input of new knowledge and the creation of new skills.

The methods we use are not new or unusual (training, coaching, and assessing), but the content and skills we help people develop are often unfamiliar or unexpected. 

The ability to develop change readiness is a particular and uncommon expertise. It must be grounded in rigorous science spanning a variety of disciplines. We bring the expertise you need to grow change readiness in your organisation. We have researched this field for over 20 years and bring expertise at the doctoral level and beyond.

Our services can help you succeed at current changes (change management focus) and, at the same time, create readiness for future change (organisational development focus). 

Change management focus

Managing change is not an easy or straightforward task. There are so many variables that can affect outcomes and many of these are hidden.

Most of the problems with organisational change come from the people side. Research has been conducted on change management processes for nearly 100 years and, while these processes are not always understood, it is the human variables that are the most difficult to manage.

We can help you manage your current or future change projects in two ways. First, we can shine a light on an important variable that is usually hidden – your readiness for success with the project. You might feel ready but that doesn’t mean you are. If you embark on a project with insufficient readiness, you will encounter problems that could have been avoided – problems that could derail your entire project.

Second, we can help you understand how to manage organisational change. We have studied the academic literature, examined common practices, and developed our own tools and resources that can guide you in practice. Embarking on change without knowing how to do it is a bad idea.

Organisational development focus

The scope of change readiness goes beyond current changes. It is about growing the capacity for successful change outcomes within the organisation to drive current and future growth.  

When you think about change readiness, you need to think about it on 5 different levels. Each of these levels is important and weaknesses in any of them will undermine your readiness for success. You can read more about these levels on the conceptual framework page.

Each level of change readiness has its own formula for success. This formula describes the elements that are important at that particular level and how they relate to each other. These formulas are derived from the research literature.

Not only do the formulas show what is important at each level, but they also provide a framework for how to grow change readiness. Change readiness will make your organisation flexible, adaptable, and sustainable.

If you would like to understand how these formulas can help you, join one of our free monthly Masterclasses or contact us directly.

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