We provide coaching services to help people who struggle with change, find it stressful, and who aren’t very good at it. If you find it difficult to overcome persistent problems or to take advantage of good opportunities, you might have a change fitness problem that we could help you with.

Professional Development for Coaches

If you are an experienced coach, counsellor, social worker, mentor, psychologist, L&D professional, or someone who manages people, we can help you attain the knowledge, skills, and tools to help others become more competent and confident around change. Increase your knowledge or become a certified and licensed pratitioner.


Are you looking for a better understanding of how the change process works? Do you want to know how to overcome resistance and build change readiness within your workplace? We provide online or in-house training to individuals, small groups, and large groups.


Would you like to know who your natural change leaders are? Or the psychological change strengths that you can draw on to make your change projects succeed? Or how to make your organisation more ready to succeed at current or future change? Our change fitness assessments and change readiness assessments will decrease your change risks and make it easier to succeed.