What is Change Fitness?

“Change fitness” means how mentally prepared we are to handle changes in our life. When changes happen, it can be difficult and can require a lot of mental effort. Change fitness measures how well we can handle these mental demands. It is important for individuals and teams to have good change fitness to be ready for changes. 

Why is it important?

Change fitness means being able to cope with changes, and it’s important for individuals and teams because it helps them handle the demands of the change process, adapt faster, and feel more secure about their future. It’s different from simply knowing what to do because people may know what to do but still get discouraged and quit because they don’t have the psychological fitness to overcome obstacles along the way. Having more change fitness means being more able to push through those obstacles and achieve success.

How do we measure and build change fitness?

We developed a tool called IRVEY® that can check how good individuals and groups are at handling changes. It shows what they are already good at and what they need to work on to do better with changes. We also have courses and training to help people improve their change fitness. We have used these courses in Australia and more than 15 other places. Usually, people improve by 38% in about 3 months. Being good at dealing with changes is an important thing for us when we help people plan for change. If you want to learn more, you can join our free masterclass.