What is meant by change fitness?

You might not be familiar with the term. It’s a  term that refers to a person’s internal capacity to meet the psychological demands of the change process.

Whenever we make a change in our lives, there are new things we must do and new ways to think. But these things are on the surface – like waves on the ocean. Underneath these surface things, other things are going on. These are the steps and demands of the change process.

Personal change fitness refers to a set of psychological resources that help us supply what the change process demands of us. The more change fitness we have, the better able we are to supply what change demands.

Why some changes are harder than others

The reason why some changes are hard and others are easy is related to what change demands and what we need to supply. Changes that demand a lot from us and require us to supply a lot in return are difficult. Changes that demand little and require little from us are easy.

When we say that change pushes us beyond our comfort zone, we are actually saying that change is demanding lots from us and asking us to supply everything we’ve got – maybe more.

When change demands all we have to give, or more, we begin to feel pressured and we start to struggle.

Why change fitness matters

Change fitness matters because the more we have of it, the more we are can handle difficult change. Or, to put it another way, what we experience as difficult change alters. The change might still demand the same thing from us, but we have increased our supply. We have grown and can now accommodate more demands.

As our capacity to supply increases, we are capable of achieving more. We can succeed at more things. Our performance and capacity improves.