What is Change Fitness?

Change fitness is an element at the Individual and Team levels of change readiness.

Change fitness is fitness for the change process. Change makes psychological demands of us and our capacity to meet those psychological demands is the measure of our change fitness. 

We have developed an assessment tool to measure how much change fitness individuals and groups have. This tool provides an objective assessment of the fitness resources available during a change project and indicates where further growth and development is needed to promote better change outcomes. 

Being able to measure change fitness is valuable, but being able to remedy weaknesses in change fitness is even more important. We have developed training and coaching programs to do that. These programs have been used across Australia and in 15+ other countries. On average, we have seen a 38% improvement in change fitness scores over a 90-day period.

Change fitness is a core factor in our approach to change readiness. To learn more, please join our free masterclass.