What is The Agility Formula™?

Achieving success in a world of constant change requires agility. There are no free lunches, and successful change is harder to achieve than most people like to admit.

That’s a problem because:

  • change is happening everywhere and all the time
  • struggling with change becomes a health and well-being issue for workers
  • change problems undermine performance and productivity
  • lack of agility undermines uncompetitiveness
  • leaders are often in the dark as to what goes wrong and why

But it doesn’t need to be that way. With the right knowledge, you can navigate organisational change and deliver much better change outcomes. We can show you how.

The first thing to know about The Agility Formula is that it is scientific. It is evidence-based. It works.

A Description

The Agility Formula is a description of how to succeed at organisational change. It describes the elements needed to succeed at change reliably and repeatedly. This knowledge needs to be understood broadly throughout your organisation. It should not be housed in the minds of a few people who could leave and take the knowledge with them.

The Formula provides a common understanding and a common language to describe how to succeed at change.

An Explanation

A good theory provides a comprehensive explanation of how things work in the real world. In other words, when you apply the theory (in this case, The Agility Formula), you can understand why the change succeeded or failed. And, if it failed, you will understand why and know how to do it better next time.

With a good explanation of how reality works, you are better placed to predict outcomes.

A Template

A good theory provides a template upon which to build practice. The Agility Formula provides a recipe to guide your organisational change initiatives.

The Agility Formula works by enhancing your organisation’s readiness for change. When you get the Formula right, you become more ready to succeed on every level.