Get Ready for a More Successful Future

However we think about the future, we must acknowledge the impact of change. Our future, whether as individuals, organisations, or a global community, depends on how things change, and what stays the same.

When we consider the future, there are 2 things to recognise. First, most people don’t really like change. They like what’s familiar, even if they complain about it. They want certainty and security. This reflects how we are socialised. We are encouraged to be team players, to follow the rules, and to play it safe. When someone mentions change, people get anxious. And anxiety negatively impacts performance.

The second factor to consider is readiness. Who is more likely to be successful at adapting to change? The people who are most ready to succeed. Change readiness is important but also complex. Fortunately, science can help us out. We don’t need to be ignorant about what readiness means, or how to make it happen.

Readiness for change is not a subjective idea. It’s not a hunch or a feeling. It is a scientific (objective) reality that can be measured and developed. Getting it wrong is costly, risky, and potentially very damaging.

At The Change Gym, we specialise in the science of getting ready to succeed at change. Whether you’re a person who struggles with change, a leader who needs their team to be successful at change, or someone wanting an entire organisation to be more ready to succeed, we can help you.

We have waded through the complexity of change readiness so you don’t need to. We make the science simple – something you can apply and benefit from straight away.

Explore It for Yourself

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