Achieve the Change Outcomes You Want

We all want changes to be successful. But we must define what success means and what it doesn’t. 

Defining Success

When we embark on a change project, we have some practical outcomes in mind. These might be strategic outcomes, like launching a new product line or opening up new markets. Let’s call these ‘strategic outcomes’. 

Strategic outcomes are clearly important and we often judge success by how well we achieve them. But these are not the only important outcomes of change.

Another outcome is the effects these strategic outcomes have on the organisation as a whole. For example, if the strategic outcomes are fully achieved but, in the process, employees feel stressed and burnt out, has the change really been all that successful? Or what if the change does some damage to the organisation’s culture. Is that still a success? Let’s call these factors ‘organisational outcomes’. 

Organisational outcomes are important, and so are strategic outcomes. We need to think about both types.

The Success Formula

High levels of success in both strategic and organisational outcomes are much harder to achieve than most people imagine.

And that’s why The Success Formula is needed.

There have been many attempts over the years to understand how organisations succeed at change. Some have been more helpful than others but understand that this is a new and still evolving area of enquiry.

The Success Formula represents an evolutionary step forward in this space.  It integrates new research into change with existing, well-respected ideas. The result? Better change outcomes all round.

If you want to understand more about The Success Formula, how it works, and how it can help you, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.