Success, speed, security

We live in an age of rapid and unrelenting change. For flexible and agile organisations, that’s fine. They typically set the pace and use flexibility to their competitive advantage. But it’s not so great if your organisation has a poor track record with change. If that’s your reality, there are 3 ‘S’ words to consider.

The first is ‘Success’. Did you know there’s a direct relationship between change readiness and success? Organisations that succeed in the future will be change-ready. Those that aren’t ready for change have structural inefficiencies that will hold them back. 

The second is “Speed’. Just meeting your business goals is not enough. To thrive you must meet them as quickly as possible. These days, speed is of the essence. Your ability to change quickly and successfully is a measure of how much change readiness you have as an organisation.  

The third word is ‘Security’. Remember this – your only security is in your ability to change quickly and effectively. Future security comes from high change readiness.

Change readiness - what's in it for you?

Growing change readiness is like going to the gym. You go to the gym to get fit, lose weight, and get healthy. The gym is a means to an end – a way to feel better about yourself and achieve the things that matter to you. The gym provides the structure, support, and science-based advice that helps you achieve your goals. 

That’s exactly what The Change Gym does. We help you strenghten your organisational change muscles so you become more successful. 

Trust the science

How you strengthen your change readiness muscles should be done carefully and scientifically. Doing the wrong things could damage your organisation. Our approach to change readiness is based on established empirical research. In following this research, you are doing what science has shown to work.

You can also be confident in The Change Gym. We have been involved in this research for over 20 years. We have PhD-level expertise and we teach change readiness to students in the Master of Leadership program at the University of Tasmania. We know what we’re talking about.

We can help you find the Success, Speed, and Security you need to propel your organisation into a prosperous future. 

Check it out for yourself. We run a monthly, free Masterclass where we delve into some of that good change readiness stuff. It will help you understand how change readiness can support your future growth. 

You’re invited. We look forward to seeing you there.