Great leadership matters – it has always mattered. Alan Mulaly, former CEO of the Ford Motor Company, said that leadership is about inspiring people to do what they wouldn’t have the motivation or ability to do without a good leader.

But leadership has to do with more than inspiration – it has to do with change. You can’t lead if you’re not going anywhere. Leadership assumes change and, therefore, we believe there is a fundamental connection between leadership and change fitness.

If you hope to become a better leader, you need to understand how change fitness and leadership are connected. And not just understand it – they need to become connected in you.

The Change Leadership Program is a coaching program. In other words, it’s not something you do on your own. It’s something you do with the support of a highly trained and qualified coach who can help you get the most out of the Program. Reach out if you’re interested to get involved.

The Program can be completed over 6 weeks, or longer, if you prefer and is delivered only by specially trained change fitness coaches. All work is online and in English. This Program is available worldwide.


  • Unit 1 looks at Frameworks and examines how we look at leadership and the VUCA world from a change fitness perspective.
  • Unit 2 examines Authentic Behaviours and the connection between great leadership and change fitness.
  • Unit 3 is called Exploring and examines how effective leaders operate in the VUCA world.
  • Unit 4 examines the concept of Leading and how great leaders use their change fitness strengths to increase ‘followership’.
  • Unit 5 looks at how effective leaders use their personal change fitness to increase engagement in their people.
  • Unit 6 shows how great leaders model change fitness within their organisations and leave a change fitness legacy.