Details of Training Options


The Masterclass outlines the theory and scope of change readiness. Taking the Masterclass will help you understand what is involved in building change readiness. With this knowledge, you will be better able to assess whether other offerings may be valuable to you.

The Success Pattern

This training explores the nature of change, practical ways to think about it, and what you can do to promote success.


Warmups will build your understanding of personal change fitness. To understand change fitness, we need to recognise that a person’s successful implementation of a change requires two things – (1) their capacity to meet the demands that the particular change makes of them and (2) their willingness to engage in the process of change. The first of these is called their change fitness. The more change fitness a person has, the more successful they are likely to be at a wider range of changes.

Building Engagement

This training focuses on the second requirement discussed above – the willingness of individuals to engage in the process of change. There is a body of established scientific research that can help us understand the keys that unlock this engagement. It is critical that leaders and managers understand how to use this research in their workplace.

Change Management

Are you involved in managing a change in your workplace but are not trained in how to approach it? Are you confused about what to do? Have you done some training in managing change but what to take your knowledge further? This training will help you fill in the gaps. We also have templates to help you get the specifics right.


Develop a communications strategy that improves your change readiness. This is a critical element of change readiness.

Change Leadership

What this training covers depends on your needs and what will help you most in your current stage of development. We can tailor training to help you move ahead right now.


Structures, processes, and policies are important aspects of change readiness. These support how people work, how work gets done, and how the organisation functions. But when change happens, these structures, processes, and policies also need to change. this adds to the complexity of change and it is important to understand what needs to change and how.


Organisations become ready for change as they build a more change-friendly culture. There are multiple ways this can happen. the nature of organisational culture and how to develop a change-friendly culture are concepts explored in this training.


Good change begins with an effective strategy. Is strategy, or strategic thinking, something you struggle with? If so, this training will help. 

Resolving Conflict

Sometimes, change creates conflict within people and between people. Knowing how to transform this conflict into something positive is an essential leadership and management skill. This training explores this issue.


The ability to coach people during and through change is a critical leadership skill. But is this something that would challenge you? Would you like to learn some critical coaching skills you can use in the workplace? This training will help you.


Storytelling is a powerful leadership and communications tool. It is also a powerful tool you can use when leading change. This training will help you improve how you use storytelling in the workplace.