The Team Level

At the Team Level, change readiness has 2 areas of focus – the readiness of the change management team to direct and lead the project and the readiness of the organisational systems to support the project. 

Change Management has been a topic of academic research for 90 years. Those years have provided many insights into how to manage people and change projects and what to do. The problem is that often these insights are not integrated into how people think about change or the kinds of skills they need to do the job successfully. 

Change Management Readiness focuses on 5 concepts and areas of skill identified in the literature as critical for success. Any weaknesses in these areas should be identified and remedied as early as possible. 

Systems Readiness relates to key elements of the organisational system that need to support stakeholders as they engage in The Success Pattern and as change managers lead the change project. These elements include things like change leadership, policies, processes, and systems.