Improving performance

The performance of a business or organisation is complex and multi-dimensional. It includes areas like productivity, compliance and risk, change management, leadership, financials, people and culture, to name but a few. 

Before you can improve performance in any area, you first need to diagnose where the weaknesses are.

2 big boxes

Broadly speaking, we approach performance improvement by thinking of it as 2 big boxes.

One box is all about people – their capacity, leadership, culture, and the processes that govern how people behave.

The second box is about business systems – business foundations, sales, marketing, operations, and IT.

Performance improvements may be obtained from all of these areas.

Start with people

We usually start with people when looking for performance improvements. Particularly under-performing people. We diagnose their change fitness and, if it’s below average, we improve it.

Employees are often the biggest cost to a business and can be where most improvements come from. 

We advocate starting with the lower performing employees because they have the potential to give you the greatest gains.

However, depending on the circumstances, it is possible to work on different boxes at the same time.