Tune into the Signals

Noise and information

Organisational change is complex and wherever you have complexity, you have significant amounts of white noise.

The white noise is static coming from the environment – random, disorganised, and confusing. It is information, but it’s not meaningful information. It makes change feel ‘messy’. 

It is important to understand where this white noise comes from and find ways to tune into the important signals hidden within the static. 

Much of the white noise comes from a lack of change readiness at one or more levels discussed in the Conceptual Framework. It may come from the Foundational level (confusion about how change works and what it demands of people) or from the Individual level (lack of change fitness or engagement readiness). It may come from the Team level (lack of systems readiness or change management readiness) or from the Organisational level (lack of cultural agility). It may even come from the Strategic level (poor decisions about where to play and how to win).

The white noise produced by change readiness shortfalls may sound confusing to the layperson’s ear, but it does contain valuable information about risks that could derail a change project. And that’s where we can help you avoid those unnecessary risks.

With our conceptual framework and the instruments and tools we have developed, we can help you pick up the signals, avoid the traps, and achieve the success you want.