Change Management

Change readiness and change management may seem similar, but they are distinct.

Change readiness is one of 13 critically important areas in change management, as determined by the Change Management Institute (CMI). However, the influence of change readiness extends far beyond change management.

Change readiness is about how ready the organisation is to be successful at change – not just one change project, but any change project. It’s not about what we should change or how we should map out a change initiative. It’s about growing the organisation’s internal capacity to succeed at the change process itself.   

Change readiness is the primary area of focus for The Change Gym, and has been for over 20 years. We have made major contributions to the field over that period. We also teach it to students studying for the Master of Leadership and Master of Healthcare Redesign at the University of Tasmania.

How can we help you with change management?

There are two different ways we can help.

If you are a change manager – we can help you develop a much deeper understanding of what change readiness is about. This will definitely develop your knowledge and abilities and help you develop your career path in change management.

If you don’t have a change manager – some organisations deal with changes all the time but they don’t have anyone on staff with specialised change management skills and knowledge. We can help you embed the knowledge of how to lead change in your team and give you a framework to manage the change process. We have useful templates and tools to help guide you.


Looking for professional development?

Are you looking for professional development relating to organisational change? Periodically, we run training for managers, business owners, change managers, and project managers who wish to learn more about Change Fitness, Change Readiness, and Change Management. If you would like to register your interest in this training, we will keep you informed as new intakes are offered. No obligations and training costs are reasonable.