There has been much discussion lately about progress with AI, like Chat GPT and other competitor systems. There’s no doubt this technology has made huge advances in recent years, and we are only at the beginning of an entirely new era.

As it develops, AI based technologies will transform many aspects of our lives and work. It could be fantastic, but it could also pose real risks to humanity. Should we trust our future to something that is smarter than us, may be conscious, and that is integrated into the world we depend on for survival?

It is easy to find information on the potential benefits and risks of AI online, so no need to go further into it here. But there is one important thing to note.

We humans need to be ready for change. People and organisations that are agile and able to adapt quickly and confidently will fare better in an AI dominated world. Change readiness is now more important than ever.

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Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

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