What Are You Amplifying?

Amplify Your Strengths

Change readiness is not about being ready to start a change project, nor is it about preparation. People who think that don’t know much about change readiness.

Change readiness is about being ready to succeed at a change project. If you’re not ready to succeed you’re not ready to change.

But to succeed you need to amplify your change strengths.

On another page of this website we talked about change killer behaviours and attitudes, and how important it is to have change fitness. These change killer behaviours are an organisation’s weakness and high change fitness is its strength.

Now, here’s the important thing to understand about change readiness. Think of the change killer behaviours and the change fitness behaviours as signals in an audio system. The signal may represent ugly jarring noise or beautiful music, but you can’t hear it until it passes through the amplifier and then out through the speakers. The sound becomes amplified through the system and then you can hear it.

Organisational change readiness is like an amplifier. It amplifies whatever signals are in the system. If there are a lot of change killer behaviours and attitudes, the organisation’s change readiness will amplify these negative behaviours and you will see more of them. They will start appearing everywhere.

But if there’s a lot of change fitness within the system, that will be amplified and you will see a lot of success happening.

Fine Tuning the Amplifier

If you love music, you’ll know that some amplifiers work better than others. It’s the same with change readiness. It always amplifies something, but there are things you can do to fine tune it so it works better at amplifying the good stuff. 

So, the important take-away is this. You need lots of change fitness in your system and you need to amplify that through your organisational change readiness. When you amplify your change fitness, you strengthen the forces that make the success pattern work in your favour.

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