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We are all familiar with the concept of physical fitness, but have you ever heard of change fitness?  It is similar in some ways to physical fitness.

Why do most people go to the gym?  Why are they prepared to endure all the pressures of a solid workout?  Some go because they love it; but many go because they want to look good, lose weight, feel better about themselves, and stay healthy.

You see, in reality most people don’t actually want to go to the gym.  What they want is to look better, feel better, and stay well.  The gym is just the means they hope will take them to a better-looking end.

Now for a reality check.  According to statistics from the Club Industry, 67% of people with gym memberships never use them. Do you know anyone like that?  They spend hundreds of dollars on gym membership, and hardly ever go!  The fact is, gyms don’t work unless people do the work. Your capacity to become fit and healthy depends on your ability to work on yourself.

So how is change fitness similar to physical fitness?  Your capacity to develop a more fulfilling life or a more successful business depends on your ability to successfully negotiate change.  The fact is, in the modern world you can’t afford to stand still for too long.

Not many of us actually want to change, and many don’t like change. But we all want what change can bring us if it means prosperity, success, achievement, belonging, or recognition.  We all want the goodies.

But many people don’t get the goodies.  Sometimes this happens because of circumstances they can’t control.  But more often than people don’t get the lives, relationships, careers, or businesses they really want because they don’t handle change well.  They are too afraid to make the best decisions, too unsure to have a go, and too overwhelmed by all the pressure.

And that’s a great pity because most of us could achieve so much more in life if we could only change.  We limit our lives; we limit our businesses – not just by what we know or don’t know, but in how we think.

Change fitness is about thinking in ways that enable us to change.  The Workouts at The Change Gym are designed to help you think in ways that will help you succeed – in life, in business, in relationships.  But they don’t work by magic.  They only work if you do.

Are you prepared to take responsibility for your future?  Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself, and to take action?  If you are, target the key areas you need to target to develop your change fitness.

Whether you want to develop your own change fitness or that of your business, you will find all you need at The Change Gym.  Join today and change for the better!

Dr Steve Barlow