Do you relate to any of these user stories?

Implementation Support

John knew he needed to change something in his business. He knew what the problem was, and he worked out a strategy. But he wanted advice on how to implement it successfully.

Risk Reduction

Bob was about to make a change in his business that would affect lots of people. He wanted to make sure he had done everything he could to reduce the risk of failure, cost blow-out, and doing damage to his business. He wanted to be able to sleep better at night.

Problem Solving

Craig knew something was wrong with his change project, but he wasn’t sure what it was or why it was happening. He needed help to identify the issues and bring clarity so he could make the best decisions.

Getting Back on Track

Sue started a change project, and it didn’t go well. She wasn’t sure why and she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get the project back on track.  She sought our help so she could be successful and deliver great outcomes for her boss.

Building Agility

Sunita wanted her business to be in a constant state of readiness for change. She wanted change-fit and adaptable leaders and flexible employees who were ready for whatever the future held. She wasn’t sure how to achieve it, but she knew it was important for the future of her organisation.

Assessing Readiness

Tony didn’t know how change-ready his organisation was and he wanted to find out. He wanted to know so he could address any issues before they became major problems.

Building Understanding

April wanted to understand how change works, what change fitness and change readiness are, and how to manage change successfully. She wanted information that was clear so she could apply it in her business to achieve the outcomes she wanted.

Having a Wingman

Chris wanted someone to support and coach/mentor her as she managed a change project. She wanted someone who knew how to integrate theory and practice so she could grow and be the best change leader she could be.

Actioning Innovation

Anil knew the importance of being innovative, and innovation was in his strategic plan. But he wasn’t sure what to do to make it happen. He wanted a practical methodology to bring his strategic plan to life.

How can we help?

We are specialists in how to make change succeed – particularly where it relates to people and culture. We can help you with training, coaching, mentoring, assessments, tools, and consultancy.

Our Managing Director is Steve Barlow, who holds a PhD in change readiness and the psychology of change. Steve teaches change readiness and change management to Masters of Leadership students at an Australian university. He has presented on change at conferences around Australia and abroad, and has written widely on the topic, including textbooks on managing change. 

The Change Gym works in partnership with other specialists in the field of organisational change. If your needs fall outside our professional scope, we can help you get the help you need. Either way, Steve and his team are here to help you.

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“If you’re not ready for change, then growth is guaranteed not to happen. Your business has a life expectancy of about 5 years.”