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Training Options

The Change Gym provides training, coaching, educational services, and consulting in 5 main areas relating to change. These are:

  • the change process
  • personal change fitness
  • organisational change readiness
  • organisational change management
  • change leadership

The goal of this training is to help individuals and organisations develop more capacity to succeed at change – any kind of change, at any scale, and at any time. We believe this is important because our lives and our workplaces are increasingly impacted by the rapid pace of change. Such change threatens our survival if we struggle to adapt to it. However, for those who have learnt to adapt well, it also provides a wealth of new opportunities to grow and develop.

This training is ideal for:

  • change managers
  • OD workers
  • HR leaders
  • senior and middle managers
  • coaches

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Organisational Change is Risky

Change within organisations is highly complex and there are many ways it can go wrong. You certainly don’t want any of your change projects to end up like this poor plane – a broken wreck on the landscape of your career. Yet, in reality, your chances of being successful are not that good. Let’s look at what research tells us.

What Are Your Chances of Success?
😊 Win 33%
😒 Really? 33%
😢 Lose 33%

You've only got about a of being successful (McKinsey)

According to McKinsey, the main reason change fails is because people resist change. And the second biggest reason is because of poor change management. Combined, these problems are huge and cost billions of dollars annually in lost productivity. Look at the stats:

Why the Low Success Rate?

Main Causes of Failure
Change Resistance from Employees 39%
Poor Management from Leaders 33%

Think about what these statistics tell us. They tells us that the greatest risks of failure come from resistance, i.e., what happens inside the minds of employees that cause them to act in resistant ways, and from poor change management practices, i.e., what happens in the minds of change managers that cause them to be ineffective leaders of change.

So, the solution to these problems must address how and what people think (the mind aspect), what people do (the behavioural aspect) and how they work together (the systemic or organisational aspect). This is why the right kind of training is so important. The right kind of training focuses on what is going on inside the mind that produces change resistance and poor change management and empowers people to think and act differently. And the right kind of training builds an understanding of how the organisational system works to either produce these problems or to overcome these problems.

The Real Problem

Lack of Change Readiness

Employee resistance and poor change management are both manifestations of low change readiness within the organisation. Low change readiness creates resistance and change management problems, and these behaviours in turn reinforce low change readiness. So it becomes a self-sustaining system that will continue, unless you intervene to stop it. 

This problem cannot be solved until change leaders and managers come to understand what change readiness is and how to build it. Don’t underestimate the importance of this, or what it entails. We’re not just talking about getting ready to begin a change project.

If you want to succeed with the least amount of resistance and disengagement from employees, you need to get the right information from the right people. We have that information because change readiness is our “thing”. We have researched it at the doctoral level and we have information and resources that can really help you lower the risks of change. 

What to Do Next

If you have the desire and openness to learn, the best place to start is with a 1-day online training program. This training will help you begin to understand what change readiness is about and why it matters. If you like what you hear and you want to take it further, we can talk about what you might want to do next. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge, skills. and tools so you can improve your organisation’s ability to succeed at change. Click on the link below to check out this training and sign up.

1-Day Change Readiness Training

Discover what you need to know to lower the risks of change and improve outcomes.


Does this training provide information I need but don’t already have? 

Yes, definitely. Some, or even most, of this information will be new to you. This will at least be true of the content based on our own research. 

What does the training aim to achieve?

First, the training aims to change the way you look at and understand change within organisations. With a new way of looking at change you will see things you never saw before and have a better understanding of what they mean. Second, we aim to give you practical resources you can use in your workplace. And third, we aim to empower you.

Who is the training meant for?

It’s meant for anyone who is involved in managing or leading change within an organisation. This includes change managers, HR, and OD professionals, but also any senior or middle manager. Also, anyone who is interested in change and wants to learn more about it.