The Change Readiness Problem

Good change management and good project management are important. But they don’t yield good results if an organisation is not ready to succeed at change.

Management and readiness are two sides of the same coin. You need both to get optimal results out of change projects.

But with approximately 75% of businesses low in change readiness, it’s not hard for change to go wrong. If you ever encounter resistance, disengagement, and poor performance during change, you’re seeing the fruits of low change readiness. 

The Solution

The solution is not either good change management or high change readiness – it’s both.

You need skilled change or project managers and they need a deep understanding of the change process and what change readiness is all about. They need to be able to analyse and assess the change readiness of an organisation, and supply this information to decision-makers. And they need to provide guidance and advice in how to rectify the problems.

How We Can Help

We bring the expertise, resources, and commitment to help change managers and leaders build the understanding they need in the field of change readiness. If you are an internal or external change manager, project manager, HR leader, OD professional, senior leader, middle or frontline manager, coach, or simply someone interested in organisational change, we can teach you what you need to learn to build change readiness.

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