Simplifying Change

Organisational change is often seen as complicated and messy. But it is actually not so complicated or messy. In fact, it all comes down to 3 issues.

How people think

How people think and what they think affects how they behave. Getting the thinking right is called ‘developing change fitness’.

How people relate

How people relate to each other within the organisation affects how they behave and how easy it is to make changes happen.  Getting the relating right is called ‘developing change readiness’.

How people behave

In the end, changes succeed or fail depending on how people behave. Getting the behaving right is called ‘following the success pattern’.


We can’t avoid it. It’s the nature of reality. And there can be no improvement without it.

But do you find change confusing or messy? Do you really understand how it works and what it means to be good at it?

We want to help simplify change. It doesn’t need to be as off-putting as many people find it. But there are some key concepts to understand. These concepts are:

  • The Success Pattern
  • Change Fitness
  • Change Readiness
  • Change Management

Look at the pages that follow to understand more of each concept.

Simplifying Change

many people consider organisational change to be complicated and messy. But, if you look at it right, it comes down to 3 rather simple issues.