Change in the school setting

Are you a school principal, deputy principal, or board member? Are you looking for help with change – from someone who knows school education from the inside?

Schools are always subject to change as syllabi are reviewed, curricula updated, boards change, new principals arrive, and time moves on. Teachers and the school executive do their best to keep up, but it’s stressful and people’s performance can suffer.

And to make matters even worse, most school staff are not experts in change. They may have some knowledge, but it’s a big ask to keep ahead of the game and up with the latest trends.

And even if you do get help from someone with expertise in change, it’s not likely they will come from a successful teaching background.

We can help you. We have a change specialist who spent 30 years in the classroom and on the school executive. If your school is facing a change, or your staff struggle with change, reach out to us and have a chat. We will understand you and the needs you have. We will be able to offer, understanding, valuable help, and support.