Professional Development Mini-Courses

Who are they for?

The professional development courses we run are for people who work in the field of organisational change or who lead or manage others through change. This doesn’t need to be a major change initiative within a business – it could be about becoming a better leader in the context of normal, everyday changes that occur in organisational life.

What are they about?

The mini-courses we run provide students with a more rounded and deeper understanding of the change readiness concept and how it applies to various levels of complexity within an organisation. Our courses deal with issues like:

  • What is change and how does change readiness relate to it?
  • What is change fitness? How will understanding change fitness make you a better leader?
  • What is engagement readiness and how can you build it? 
  • What is change management readiness and how can you improve it?

How long do these courses take?

These are mini-courses. Most are covered in one 90-minute session. Others can take longer. All sessions are delivered live and online.

Who delivers these courses?

All mini-courses are delivered by Dr Steve Barlow. Steve holds a PhD in change readiness and teaches the topic in the Master of Leadership program at the University of Tasmania’s School of Medicine.


These mini-courses do not run all the time. If you would like to express your interest in future courses, please put your name and email in the form below. This is an expression of interest only and not a commitment to attend. We will let you know the dates and costs of future events.