The Change Gym is a different kind of gym. The objective is not physical fitness but change fitness. This is a place where you learn how to handle change better and get ready for it.

The Change Gym shows you what the change process is really like, and how to position yourself so you succeed at it. With our structured, coaching approach, make noticeable, measurable progress in just 12 weeks. You will become more successful if you develop greater capacity to embrace the opportunities change brings.

Don’t be left out. Position yourself to win and let change work out for you.

Steve Barlow talks with Coach Rachel Hill


Do you want to improve your capacity to thrive within changing environments? Change fitness and change readiness coaching is a strengths-based, evidence-based, positive psychology approach that provides a structured coaching environment with measurable outcomes.

The ultimate need in this rapidly-changing world is the need to adapt. So, if you want to do something important to help yourself and others check out change fitness coaching.

PLEASE NOTE: The coach training we provide is only suitable for people who are already experienced and/or trained coaches.

We provide:

An integrated framework and tool-set to guide your coaching practice and opportunities for collaboration

A specialization for you in the coaching space

The potential for referral clients

licensing and an online, international business opportunity